Computer Systems

Business PCs

Our specialized business PCs are built to help you maintain productivity and get the work done, whether in a Home Office, small Business, or in a multi-office business environment.  It pays to invest in more memory, power and capabilities when choosing a workstation for your business.  Opting for a FERAD service contract can mean the difference between on-site tech support and lost work time.

Personal and Gaming PCs

Whether you?re looking to customize your PC with professional quality media playback and video editing capabilities, or simply need to meet the various demands of family life, we can deliver your specifically designed PC.  We combine industry-leading graphics with competitive pricing to bring you the most powerful desktop processors available.


A server is a computer on a network that manages network resources. Often servers are dedicated computers, performing only server tasks. Depending on the size of your business, many different types of servers could exist in a business environment, from a file server dedicated to storing files, a print server managing one or more printers, a network server managing network traffic, to a database server processing database queries. For businesses using a multiprocessing operating system, a single computer could execute several programs at once to manage network resources.

We create optimized systems for different users and your specific technology needs.

Laptops / Notebooks

Designed for mobility and portability, laptops and notebooks are desirable mobile devices for users on the go. Current technology allows for a sleek, lightweight, portable computer without compromising on features, functions and power.  Differences between the size, weight and functionality of laptops and notebooks have all but vanished, rendering the terms virtually interchangeable.



These portable devices have revolutionized mobile computing. Small, sleek and powerful, tablets remove the need for a mouse and keyboard by using a touchscreen interface with the simplicity of a finger swipe to type, scroll and zoom. Equipped with Wi-Fi and With a variety of options, features and vast selection of Apps (Application Software), a tablet allows you to do a multitude of tasks from checking e-mails, reading e-books, and writing a document, to browsing the Internet, listening to music, and playing games. Consideration of your specific needs will determine the best device for you.

Handheld Devices

Ranging from smartphones and personal digital assistant s (PDAs) to barcode and smart card readers, handheld computing devices have an operating system(OS), and run various types of application software which typically includes a camera and media player feature for video and music files. Wi-Fi capability allows connections to the Internet and other devices.