Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

One thing is certain about computers: the blazingly fast computer purchased just 18 months ago now seems sluggish and the need to upgrade quickly becomes obvious. A computer upgrade is often the most cost-effective way of extending a computer’s longevity. With over 22 years of experience and expertise in computer technology, FERAD Electronics will expertly assess and advise you on the best upgrade options available to you.


RAM Memory Upgrade

One of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade an older system is a memory upgrade. Increasing RAM (Memory) translates into better PC multi-tasking performance, smoother performance and increased productivity. Specifically, web browsers load faster regardless of Internet connection speed, network capacity is enhanced, printer speed and response increases, 3D rendering capabilities are augmented, game images become cleaner, and games and software run more smoothly, exhibiting faster response times.

CPU Upgrade

CPUs (Central Processing Unit) are not as commonly upgraded as most other PC components. However, a CPU upgrade, especially when combined with a RAM upgrade, is an extremely effective method of improving a computer’s performance level. PC hardware architecture changes dramatically every 18 months and compatible CPU upgrades become difficult to find. If you bought an entry-level or mid-grade desktop computer 12 to 18 months ago, it is highly likely that it can be greatly improved with a CPU upgrade. This will extend the life and usability of your present PC without incurring the greater cost of purchasing a whole new computer system.


Hard Drive Upgrade

Replacing your Hard Drive is another way to upgrade. Hard drive sizes and speeds have increased dramatically in recent years, so a new, larger hard drive can extend the life to an older computer. When choosing a drive it is important to know your needs– data capacity or speed? If speed is what you’re looking for then a newer Solid State Drive (SSD) offers technological advancements that are quieter, slimmer, and noticeably faster than its predecessor, with a life span lasting much longer than average. FERAD Electronics can do nearly all the time-consuming work for you using our proven data migration techniques to replace your old hard drive and reinstall your data onto the new hard drive.