Home Theatre and Entertainment

Home Theatre

Make your home the perfect place to enjoy your movies, Netflix, TV show and favorite sporting events.  Whether by yourself or with family and friends you can be totally immersed in the experience with state of the art technology at your fingertips.
If you already have a theatre room and are looking to add new features or upgrade to completely redesigning a space in your home, let FERAD Electronics Inc. help you design and engineer the perfect solution for sound, picture and decor for you to enjoy for years to come. The possibilities are truly endless including the following below:

  • Variety of speaker styles including wall mount, in-wall, hidden or floor standing
  • Custom lighting designs to enhance the experience
  • Exceptional sound experiences
  • Large size HDTV and Ultra HD digital television displays, Projector Screens
  • We can even provide the home decor with luxury seating, and other specialty experiences 

Family Media Rooms

Ideal for movies, music, gaming or just casual watching of TV programs and news or even youtube videos. 

We can design the most practical solutions to meet your families needs. Delivering functionality, performance experiences that are engaging and fun!

Audio Systems

Enjoy the benefits of multi-room sound systems.  Capture the moment whether having your morning cup of java or hosting a large party, we can add amazing sound experiences for any room or even outside your home.

You can effortlessly listen to live music streams, sporting events, news, talk shows, podcasts, radio channels or any other sound source and control it easily from your phone or other smart device.