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About Us

FERAD Electronics Inc. is an innovative corporation serving customers across North America from North Carolina to Alaska. Incorporated in 1995, this diversified company provided and continues to provide many quality products and services to meet customer needs.

 With technology changing so rapidly, customers can rely on our support because of our  excellent business standards that we maintain as we ascribe to the highest ethical standards and practices in our industry. This commitment assures our customers of the most reliable service and quality products available. Over the past several years, FERAD Electronics Inc. has earned respect, and gained many clients. The company primarily  relies on referrals and ongoing services and our growth is a testament to our  many loyal repeat customers.

Our products and services are being used by an ever growing list of residential, industrial and commercial clients across North America. We have established relationships with other reputable companies and suppliers to provide a wide variety of products and services that meet the demands from our customers.

 FERAD Electronics Inc. has highly skilled expertise of technical, sales and the engineering support to help you make the best decision for your company and/or project. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution for your information technology (IT) needs. We also provide servicing and ongoing maintenance contracts for customers as needed.

You will have the confidence that every customer deserves as we do our part to provide technology, products and services that help you make your business and technical goals a reality. You can rest to know that FERAD Electronics Inc. will always help you make the best decision for your project.

The Technology

At FERAD Electronics, we understand technology and the importance of its integration in our every day lives.  This can be very exciting or equally challenging for others.  For some, having your electronics devices fail can feel like experiencing a panic attack.  

It is our goal to provide you with the technology and know how to understand and operate your computers, phones and other electronics efficiently and with ease.

Whether you are setting up a new system or trying to get an older system working properly... regardless of the issues you can be confident that FERAD Electronics will provide the services you need to get back to routine with confidence and without the stress.

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Our promise to our customers:

FERAD Electronics Inc. will consult and seek the best and most practical solutions for our customers. Whether it is an installation of new products or servicing existing equipment we are there with the  assurance, dependability, and quality you need and expect. We will continue to provide  reliable solutions for our customers that are competitive, responsive, timely and adhere to the highest standards of our industry. Customer satisfaction will always be our number one priority.

Our mission statement:

providing our customers the FER-AD-VANTAGE!

What is it about the name FERAD

This name was inspired in the early 1980's when i was working for another industiral electronic design company.  The word "farad" is a measurement in electronics for capacitors to indicate the charge within.  More about this  here!

The name FERAD just seemed so obvious to adopt as it came from the acronym "Fritzler Electronic Research and Development".  With a capacitor in mind it was decided to incorporate a capacitor symbol and the idea that with electronics anything is possible anywhere.

Hence the name FERAD Electronics Inc.