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Signage and Advertising

Advertising, Menus and Signage for your Store, Restaurant, Bar or Business

LED Signage

In todays world, you need to attract peoples attention within a few seconds. That’s why FERAD Electronics Inc. manufactures and provides these highly visible electronic displays. Because of the low power consumption, light weight, and virtually maintenance free design, these signs are perfect for store fronts and for attracting customers to specific areas within a store or facility. They provide a way to turn heads and get people’s attention quickly when most other methods seem to fail. At FERAD Electronics Inc. our engineering staff can custom design almost any configuration to meet your business requirements. There are many reasons you will want to replace your neon signs with our low power LED signs:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Attract new customers
  • LED Lighting is rated for over 100,000hrs of use (no more changing bulbs)
  • Better warranty
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Energy efficient (approximately 80% to 95% savings)
  • Utilizes low voltage (no shock hazard)
  • Can run on alternate power sources (eg. battery)
  • Produces no noise or radio interferance
  • Dazzle customers with different colors and lighting patterns
  • Interior and Exterior designs available

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