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FERAD Electronic Inc. has the experience and expertise to assess any small or mid-sized business’s networking needs. After carefully assessing the requirements, we design and implement secure, easily maintained technology solutions. Our goal is to ensure that your network and business’s technology assets will be capable of expanding with future business growth.

Data Networking

Network has become a necessity in many buildings, commerial and industrial facilities.


Network Installation Services

Whether you are starting a new business, a home owner, adding a new location or just need a new network for your existing office, FERAD Electronics Inc.  is your network installation expert! Networks and business computer networking needs have changed dramatically in the past few years, making it more important to have a system that will to conform to these new standards. From configuring your office hardware and software to synching your network for mobile capabilities, we can handle all your network needs, from assessment through installation and maintenance of your system.

We will start by providing a network assessment and the necessary design services to ensure that your new network will give your business the computer networking capabilities it needs. Our consultants can offer solutions for your business to bring your network to the next level, with enhanced data security, backup options and cloud computing for remote access and function.

Installing Your New Computer Network

Once we design a network system to meet and exceed your computer networking needs, we will start installing and configuring all necessary hardware, software and network configurations in accordance to the network design plan.  This may include servers, desktops, laptops, printers, scanner/fax, wireless access points, wireless devices (smart phones, tablets, notebooks, etc.) switches, routers, modems, structured wiring & cabling, Microsoft Office, Symantec security software, specialized third-party software and anything else needed to smoothly maintain your business processes. We then test the network installation to ensure that you are able to operate efficiently with minimal to no interruption of daily processes.

Our FERAD Electronics Inc. professional network design, installation and consulting services have helped many clients of every size thrive and grow, from home networks,  small start-ups to established multi-location organizations as well . For more information, please  contact us today for more information.

Home Networking

In today's world with smart homes, home theatres and wireless devices, there are so many things to consider when designing your home network system.  It is important to determine and realize the capabilities of your network. The many factors will have long lasting effects if not implemented properly.  FERAD Electronics Inc. will provide the solutions you need to maximize your networking potential.  

Whether you are building a new home, renovating or adding or upgrading an existing network, please give FERAD Electronics Inc. a call today to ensure you have all your needs taken care of eliminating expensive retrofit installations afterwards.  We will take care of all the details for you.

Large Buildings and Warehouses

FERAD Electronics Inc. will provide the services needed to install large scale networking infrastructure. 

Solutions we provide include additional Network, Security and Phone Cabling, Wiring adn Equipment Racks, Fiber Optic Cabling, Cabling to Industrial machinery and other Control Systems and any other requirements you may have.

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If you are considering a new installation, or renovating and existing location.  Contact FERAD Electronics Inc. and we can provide a detailed proposal for your project.