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Security / Surveillance Systems

Business and Commercial Camera  & Surveillance Systems

We take pride in making you feel secure at all times. Utilizing the next generation latest technology has to offer, FERAD Electronics Inc. is able to work with home businesses, businesses, automotive, retail stores, restaurants, industry and corporate offices with reliable security solutions with superior video surveillance products. All of our installations include IP Megapixel cameras because when it really counts you need to be able clearly identify what is in the image.  

 Why should I have video surveillance?


FERAD Electronics will install camera solutions for any of your retail and commercial requirements.

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition cameras automatically capture vehicle license plate images, as well as recognize license plate information.  
This can be used to monitor vehicles arriving or leaving from your business location or premise(s).
System operators can then search for vehicles with specific vehicles base on license plate information via Video Management Software (VMS).

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Hotels / Motels 

Protection for both you, your employees and your customers. Monitor your front desk, hallways, lounges, restaurants, pool and fitness rooms as well as any other public areas as needed.

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Theft and Loss Prevention

Losses in the retail industry costs businesses billions each year. The majority of shrinkage is due to both employee theft and shoplifting. Our camera systems have been proven to be an excellent tool in fighting shrinkage. Depending on your situation we can provide the necessary solutions including in currency and face identification, license plate recognition, a key element in proving employee theft and convicting shoplifters.

Work Place Accidents and Falls

Unfortunately people may not always be honest. In today’s world this is become an unfortunate reality. Insurance companies and the Workers Compensation Board are now requesting video proof for processing claims. According to statistics over 7% of workplace accidents are fradulent. Your video proof is a key element to dismissing falls and other types of incidents. FERAD Surveillance Systems capture details simply not previously possible with older technologies, such as surrounding items on the floor, conditions and individuals involved.

Employee Management

No manager can keep an eye on all employees at all times. Work video surveillance can create a safer and more productive work environment. FERAD Electronics Inc. will provide cameras for employee protection and management applications.

Several Camera Types

We install several types and manufacturers of cameras depending on the installation.  Contact us for more information.

AI Cameras

The latest in camera technology.  These include 24/7 color, human vehicle recognition, 2 way audio, siren and alarm light.  So much more...

Dome Cameras

Vandal resistant cameras ideal for indoor or outdoor use including day and night modes with Smart IR for night vision

Fisheye Cameras

Ultra wide angle lens up to 360°. Some models include built-in microphone & speaker with two-way talk supported

Multi-Sensor Cameras

Multi-lens cameras with motorized lens optical zoom with infrared IR and audio and alarm capabilities on some models

PTZ Cameras

Pan, tilt and zoom cameras with accurate and fast focusing 22x optical zoom with infrared anti-reflection Smart IR up to 200m

Turret Cameras

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use including day and night modes with Smart IR for night vision.  Reduced glare and optical glass window with higher light transmittance

Spy Cameras

Various discrete options with wireless WiFi live streaming and 2 way audio as well as night vision.  Some models include motorized rotating camera, motion detection & alarm notifications

Doorbell Cameras

These vandalproof doorbell cameras with built in 2 way intercom ideal for your smart home

NVR Systems

Multi-channel video recording systems for up to 64 channels and beyond with alarm audio inputs and outputs as needed

THE FER-AD-vantage:

New high quality imaging sensors can produce HD images from 2 Megapixel to 12, 16, and 29 Megapixels, allowing for fewer cameras to be deployed and managed. With a multi-camera surveillance network security personnel will never be able to fully monitor all of the cameras – so why not have fewer cameras with greater detail?
 Video Analytics can be used to assist in recording video by identifying targets of interest and not recording “motion detected events” that waste disk space and by identifying objects of interest quicker and more reliably that human operators. 

  • IP Cameras – Dome, Bullet, Pro, 
  • Multi Sensor cameras 
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom)
  • Up to 30 megapixel resolution
  • Built in Infra Red (Night Vision)
  • License plate recognition
  • Face recognition
  • operational to -40 Degrees Celcius
  • RTSP (real time streaming protocol) for smooth video
  • NVR Systems and / or PC Software