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Providing Solutions and Support for your Church

Church Tech Support Solutions

Technical support for churches is essential for maintaining smooth operations and effective communication.

Technical Support for Special Events

From setting up audio-visual systems to troubleshooting computer and network issues, reliable technical support is crucial.

Security and Surveillance

Surveillance enhances overall security.

Security within your Facility

Surveillance deters criminal activity.

Church Security

Surveillance enhances overall security.  In present times, it has become a critical and necessary part of your requirements. Security cameras will provide protection and needed information pertaining to your facility, potential predators, congregation and children.

Lighting Solutions

FERAD Electronics Inc. can help you install and/or upgrade your existing lighting system.  We can provide many lighting solutions to meet your requirements.  Complete with automation and controls.

Every facility has unique requirements and challenges.  Our staff can help you with the solution you need for making your house of worship a place for comfort and peace as you spend time in the presence of our Lord.

Enhancements for your Presentations

Engaging Presentations

Presentations are an essential part of worship, offering spiritual nourishment and inspiration to attendees.

Engrossing Presentation Techniques

Quality slides and engaging content are key elements of an impactful presentation that resonates.

Captivating Slideshows

Visual aids, music, and technology enhance the presentation, creating a vibrant and engaging experience.

Safety for your Facility and Families

Safety and Efficiency

By integrating security and automation solutions, churches can focus on their core mission with peace of mind.

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Automated Solutions

Implementing advanced security systems can help to protect the church premises from potential threats.

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Security Systems

Investing in security and automation demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of the church community.

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Facility Protection

Church security and automation are crucial for ensuring a safe and secure environment for worship.

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