Brian Hembling – Tober Hembling Chartered Accountants

We have had a business relationship with Mr. Scott Fritzler and Ferad Electronics Inc. for approximately four years.

During that time we have purchased hardware, software and service from the company.  All hardware was tested by Mr. Fritzler, prior to installation and again after it had been installed in our office.  Any problems after that time were dealt with by him on a very timely and efficient basis.  If requested, Mr. Fritzler also installed software and again tested it fully prior to completion.  The company has always provided us with service on a timely basis including after normal working hours and on weekends.

In addition, we have referred the company’s services to a number of our clients.  We have received only positive feedback from our clients and will continue to refer the services of Ferad Electronics Inc. to them.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss our experiences with the company and Mr. Scott Fritzler, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.