Steve Roebuck – TELUS Communications

During 1997 Scott Fritzler worked with myself and a team of technicians on a project to integrate the two companies, TELUS Communications (Edmonton) and TELUS Communications into a common office location.  This project moved over 3500 people over a one year period and approximately 10000 devices including personal computers, phones, faxes, printers, etc.

Scott was responsible for the computer equipment at each workstation and the printers accessible on each floor.  The moves involved packing the equipment for shipment, transport to the new site, set up at the new location and re-configuring each device to the internal network.

Although not the team leader, Scott, very quickly took it upon himself to be a mentor for the more junior team members and assisted the desktop team leader in ensuring each client was able to perform their job function at their new location before leaving the site.

Scott met his challenge with enthusiasm, professionalism and concern for his customers and the team.

It is without hesitation that i personally recommend Scott as a caring individual whose focus is for customer service,